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Transportation Network



Approximately 30 million people and thousands of businesses and industries are within a day's drive of the Natchez Port. U.S. Highways 61, 98 and 84 intersect in Natchez, connecting the Port with Interstate 10(90miles), Interstate 20(80miles), and Interstate 55(60miles). Traffic from the west has much improved route from Natchez-Vidalia bridge: Immediatly upon crossing the bridge, truck traffic turns onto a direct route to the Port. (The last few hundred feet, descending the 200-foot loess Natchez Bluff, will  be completed shortly.)

Rail: The Natchez Port is served by Natchez Railway,LLC, which connects Natchez with Canadian National Railroad (CNRR) in brookhaven.


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Anthony B. Hauer, Port Director
Toll Free: 1-877-870-8954
Terminal and Main office:
River Mile Marker 361.5 AHP
on the Mississippi River

Physical Address:
# 2 River Terminal Road
Natchez, Mississippi 39120