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For over 30 years the Natchez Port has provided dependable service to destinations throughout the world. From the Natchez Port cargo can be shipped directly to Europe, Latin America and the Far East via LASH Barge. All destinations along the Mississippi River and the Intracoastal waterways are accessible from Natchez in both high and low water conditions.


Shipping to Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, The Far East or Mid America? - The Natchez - Adams County Port provides shippers with direct access from Natchez, Mississippi to hundreds of seaboard and inland ports in over 50 countries.


Linerboard, plywood, lumber, structural steel, cotton, baled wood pulp, liquid petroleum products, grain, machinery components - all of these cargos and many other types of products have gone thru the Natchez Adams County Port.

Need to consolidate various items from different locations before you ship? - Our  warehouses and paved uncovered storage areas give us all the space we need to hold various parts of your cargo until you are ready to ship. We can provide short-term storage of just about any cargo not requiring critical temperature or humidity control.

Need to transport your incoming cargo via rail or truck? - Our port is served by the Natchez Railroad,LLC, major trucking companies and most barge lines.
We have the manpower and equipment to handle cargo quickly and efficiently (traffic congestion, a problem at many ports, is usually no problem at our facility), and we offer you access to almost every port in the world. So before you ship anything anywhere, contact the Natchez Adams County Port.


Anthony B. Hauer, Port Director
Toll Free: 1-877-870-8954
Terminal and Main office:
River Mile Marker 361.5 AHP
on the Mississippi River

Physical Address:
# 2 River Terminal Road
Natchez, Mississippi 39120