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About The Natchez - Adams County Port


The Natchez -Adams County Port is located on the river frontage beneath the towering 200-foot tall Natchez Bluff. Millennia ago the loess bluff stopped the eastward progress of the river in its tracks, forcing it to back into its ordained descent to the Gulf of Mexico.

At Mile Marker 361.5 AHP, the Port's Terminal is paralleled by a natural deep water channel that allows for year round operations under all but highly unusual circumstances.

The Port is served by Natchez Railroad,LLC (NTZR) connecting with the Canadian National Railroad. in Brookheaven,  and by  U.S. Highways 61, 98, and 84 intersect in Natchez connecting the Port with Interstate 10, 20 and 55. The terminal consists of two cargo docks, one liquid transfer dock and one Roll On Roll Off site.

Equipment inventory includes cranes LR 2180 Liebherr rated 300 tons, American 9720 rated 125 tons, and LInkbelt ABS 218 rated 100 tons. Roll paper clamps and bale clamps are available. The Port has one 4150 Track mobile rail car mover, one 46-yard bulk transfer hopper, two clamshell buckets, two log grapples and one riprap/scrap grapple..''.

Ample berthing of 800 feet allows for multitask operation at cargo docks, and Cargo warehousing can be accommodated.

The Port specializes in handling unitized, palletized, containerize, dry bulk liquid, baled, heavy lifts and Roll on Roll off cargo.

The Natchez-Adams County Port Industrial Park is part of the Port's responsibilities. Located within the Park are national and regional industries. The Park is near capacity, with only a few tracts remaining. All tracts have direct road and rail access to the terminal. Truck access to the Park is excellent and improving.

For more information about the Port and the Port Industrial Park contact the Port Director Anthony Hauer at 1.877.870.8054 or click here for a contact form.



Anthony B. Hauer, Port Director
Toll Free: 1-877-870-8954
Terminal and Main office:
River Mile Marker 361.5 AHP
on the Mississippi River

Physical Address:
# 2 River Terminal Road
Natchez, Mississippi 39120